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It is a flat plate steel poured with steel water and pressed after cooling.

It is flat shaped,rectangular and can be directly rolled or cut by a wide steel band.

Steel plate by thickness,<4 mm(minimum 0.2 mm),medium steel plate 4~60 mm and special steel plate 60~115 mm.

Steel plate is rolled,hot and cold rolling.

The width of the sheet is 500~1500 mm,and the thick width is 600~3000 mm.Thin plate shall be divided by steel type,ordinary steel,quality steel,alloy steel,spring steel,stainless steel,tool steel,steel heat resistant steel,bearing steel,silicon steel and industrial pure iron sheet,including oil barrel plate,enamel plate,bulletproof plate,etc.,surface,galvanized plate,tin sheet,lead plate,plastic composite steel sheet,etc.

Rolling:Hot rolling and cold rolling

Performance:high temperature,high pressure,low temperature,corrosion resistance


Steel plate

The steel type of the thick steel plate is generally the same as the thin steel sheet. In all aspects of products, in addition to bridge steel plate, boiler steel plate, automobile manufacturing steel plate, pressure vessel steel plate and multi-layer high pressure container steel plate are pure thick plate, some varieties of steel plate such as automobile girder steel plate (2.5~10 mm thick), pattern steel plate (2.5~8 mm thick), stainless steel plate, heat resistant steel plate and other varieties are the same thin plate.

In addition, the steel plate and material said, not all the steel plates are the same, the material is different, its steel plate used to the place, is not the same.


Classification of steel plates including strip:

1, by thickness: (1) sheet, thickness not more than 3mm(electrical steel plate) (2) Medium plate, thickness of 4-20mm(3) plate, thickness of 20-60mm(4) special plate, thickness more than 60mm

2, Classification by production method: (1) Hot-rolled steel plate (2) Cold-rolled steel plate

3, Classification by surface characteristics: (1) Galvanized plate (hot galvanized plate, electric galvanized plate) (2) tin plated plate (3) composite steel sheet (4) color coated steel plate 

4, according to use classification :(1) bridge steel plate (2) boiler steel plate (3) shipbuilding steel plate (4) armor plate (5) automobile steel plate (6) roof steel plate (7) structural steel plate (8) electrical steel (silicon steel sheet) (9) spring steel plate (10) heat resistant steel plate (11) alloy steel plate (12) others.

ProductCarbon steel plate
A500/A501/A519/A161/A334;API 5L/5CT
JapanJIS G3452/G3454/G3456/G3457/G3458/G3460/3461/3462/3464
GermanDIN 1626/17175/1629-4/2448/2391/17200  SEW680
BritainBS 1387/1600/1717/1640/3601/3602/3059/1775
RussiaGOST 8732/8731/3183
ChinaGB/T8162/T8163 GB5310/6579/9948
Material and  GradeU.S.A.Gr. B/Gr.A/A179/A192/A-1/T11/T12/T22/P1/FP1/T5/4140/4130
GermanST33,ST37,ST35,ST35.8,ST45,ST52,15Mo3,13CrMo44, 1.0309, 1.0305, 1.0405
BritainLow, Medium, high
Russia10, 20, 35, 45, 20X
China10#, 20#, 16Mn, 20G, 15MoG, 15CrMo, 30CrMo,42Crmo, 27SiMn, 20CrMo
Out Diameter10-1000mm
Wall Thickness1-80mm
ProtectionPlastic caps, beveled or square cut,plastic capped,painted.
SurfaceBlack painting/varnished surface,anti-corrosion oil, galvanized or as per required by customer
Packing termslabeled and bundled together with steel strip
Shipment termsContainers or bundles by sea,one 20" container can load about 20 tons(5.8meters long),one 40" container can load about 23-25tons(less than 11.8meters long)
MarkingAs per customer’s requirement
Production capacity50,000tons per month
Delivery timeFor the regular stock delivery time is 7-15 days.
Main marketAsia.India.Middle East.America.Europe
Min. Order quantity5 tons
Quality CertificateISO, API, Mill Test Certificate
ApplicationCarbon steel pipe for low and medium pressure boiler,high pressure boiler and ship-building,liquid service,petroleum cracking,chemical fertilizer equipment,drawing-oil-equipment and structure purpose!
Quality ControlThe Original MTC will send alone with goods together, Support third-party detection